Devra Daivs, 31, executive director of a health project who lives in Waterside Towers: "The condition of the mall is abominable. We came here to move into a centralized urban area, with shopping, trees, and urban transportation. I believe in living in the city. But this area is dangerous." Oxxie Little, 67, retired, lives on Howison Place SW: "It needs a lot of improvement. This construction is holding up everything. They need to open up some more stores so we don't have to go downtown." William Mathis, 23, a counselor who lives on L Street SW: "It could be a little better. With improvement, especially as far as construction goes. It needs more stores. They have more restaurants than clothing stores now. And what's here is a little outrageous in price." Al McRavin, 22, a student who lives on Stantion Road SE: "It's all right for the community. I work here in the Environmental Protection Agency. But I don't eat here very much, because there's not too wide of a choice." Barbara Ward, 35, a housewife who lives in Tiber Island: "I don't think facilities are adequate. The area is still cluttered. It needs to be returned to the green grass and trees and mall area for walks. I am disgusted with it now." Bertha White, 43, a payroll clerk who lives in Anacostia: "The construction has to be done. It is a convenience for me because I work here. They could use better luncheon facilities." Rodney Young, 32, a mover who lives on Crittenden Avenue NW: "It's fine. They don't have enough stores, though. And they should have cheaper stores. The construction problems should have been fixed by now but I guess there were financial problems."

Waterside Mall was designed to be disharping center f residents of the neighboring low-income, public housing and urban renewal projects in the area. Metro construction, actual mall contruction and a local crime problem have hampered customers from using existing stores.