Olga Growald Alexander, a volunteer with the Women's Job Corps in [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Virginia, died May 6 of cancer. She was 76.

Mrs. Alexander, who lived in A [WORD ILLEGIBLE] was one of seven children [WORD ILLEGIBLE] a German Jewish immigrant [WORD ILLEGIBLE] living in the Yorkville section in New York City. Two of the children [WORD ILLEGIBLE] in a boat fire, and one was struck by a street car. Her father , who [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and novelties from a pushcart, died of tuberculosis. SHe left [WORD ILLEGIBLE] at the end of the eighth grade [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to support her family.

Mrs. ALexander later worked for the now defunct New York SUn newspaper as a researcher.

When she was 27, she married Manny ALexander, an architect, and they moved to Arlington during the Depression. She lived at the Colonial Village apartments from 1934 until she became ill this year.

According to friends, Mrs. Alexander had unusual ability to judge people and to find out what was right for them. She utilized that skill in her volunteer work in interviewing and placement for the Job Corps from 1965 to 1971.

She is survived by a daughter, Judy Minor, and two grandchildren, all of Reston.