Stephen Frederick Tillman, 76, a veteran of World Wars I and II and a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] worker for 16 years, died yesterday at George Washington University Hospital after a long illness.

Mr. Tillman was the author of "Man [WORD ILLEGIBLE] a compilation of columns wrote for the Army Times newspaper about the men who pioneered the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] use of aircraft.

Native of D.C., Mr. Tillman served [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Mexican border in World War I and during World War II he served in the Army Air Corps at Randolph [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the amphibious command [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to convert the Women's [WORD ILLEGIBLE] from an auxiliary unit of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to a full service branch.

[WORD ILLEGIBLE] leaving the Army in 1946 he [WORD ILLEGIBLE] work for the Bureau of Standard Railroad Retirement Board [WORD ILLEGIBLE] veterans Asministration, until retirement in 1960.

In his government career Mr. Tillman, continued to lobby for equal rights for reserve and regular military personnel. Mr. Tillman became a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] in the civil affairs military [WORD ILLEGIBLE] reserve of the Army.

Mr. Tillman is survived by his wife, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] of the home in Bethesda; a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Stephen of Fairfax; two daughters, Susan of Portland, Ore., and Nancy, at the University of Maryland, and a sister, Patrica Johnson of Washington.