A Prince George's County lawyer and a physician were found guilty by a D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday of violating District licensing regulations on the adoption of children.

A second doctor, Myron Rose, who also maintains his office in Prince George's, was found innocent.

The attorney is Leonard Goldstein. The doctor found guilty with him is Carl E. Stave. Goldstein, Stave and Rose all were found innocent of charges that they entered a conspiracy to violate the licensing law in conception with tthe adoption of three new-born infants.

In a 19-page opinion and order, Judge James A. Belson said that none of the defendants was "involved in the 'selling' of babies. Nor are any of them found to have acted with evil intent."

But, the judge said, "one need not intend to do wrong as a prerequisite to being found in violation of the statute in question."

The statute requires that persons other than close relatives who arrange adoptions in the District of Columbia must be licensed to do so.

In this case, the three infants were born at the Washington Hospital Center. Their mothers expressed a desire to have the children adopted.

Goldstein represented the adoptive parents. Two of the couples live in Maryland. Goldstein got a Maryland court order permitting the adoptions before taking those children from the hospital. The third child was adopted by a Virginia couple, and he also represented them.

This adoption had been sanctioned by a Virginia court.

Judge Belson noted that even though the adoptions were legal according to the laws of Maryland and Virginia, this did not remove the defendants from the requirements of the D.C. law.

Two of the children were delivered by Dr. Stave. The third was delivered by Dr. Rose, his partner.

Violating the licensing statute is in the category of offenses known as "minor misdemeanors," meaning that they cannot be tried before juries. Other minor misdemeanors include most traffic violations.

The maximum penalty faced by Stave and Goldstein is a $300 fine and 90 days injail. No date has been set for sentencing.