A story in yesterday's edition of the District Weekly said that the Adams-Morgan area does not have a drug store. There are several drug stores in the area.

A Washington businessman has withdrawn plans to open a fast-food fish restaurant in the heart of Adams-Morgan, at least in part because community groups opposed his plans.

Marion (Duke) Green had been planning to open an Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips outlet at 1805 Columbia Rd. NW this month. He abandoned his plans last week.

The location Green had chosen is a former grocery store, about 100 feet from the bustling corner of 18th Street and Columbia Road NW. There are two other fast-food outlets on that corner - a McDonald's hamburger shop and an Eddie Leonard's carryout. Another 200 feet south of the intersection, at 2452 18th St. NW, is a fish restaurant called the Seafood Barge.

Community opposition, spearheaded, by eight community groups within two-Square-miles of the proposed Treacher's outlet, centered on possible economic damage to the Seafood Barge. Several community groups also argued that two fast-food restaurants in the neighborhood was enough.

Green said in a telephone interview, however, that he abandoned plans to open his fish outlet "because of technicalities surrounding the lease."

Green, who also runs a computer business called International Business Services, said he didn't "understand any of this. They didn't do this to McDonald's," he said of the community groups. "And they didn't do it to Eddie Leonard's."

Green said that while he has abandoned plans to locate at 1805 Columbia Rd., he has not given up on locating a Treacher's outlet in Adams-Morgan at some future time.

"I'm not going to let somebody turn me around because they've got some wrong-headed notion of what I'm trying to do," Green said. "All I want to do is sell fish. The community can but it, or not buy it. That's the way you paly the game in the United States."

According to Don Calhoon, public relations manager at Arthur Treacher headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, Green bought the rights last year to open as many as eight Treacher's outlets in an area bounded by Calvert Street on the south, Rock Creek on the west, and the D.C.-Mary line on the east and north.

Treacher's now has 12 outlets in the Washington area, one in donwtown Washington, three in Maryland, and eight in Northern Virginia. A 13th is under construction at 1518 Connecticut Ave. NW.

Sidney Levy, vice president of Norman Bernstein Management Inc., which owns the 1805 Columbia Road storefront, said the company's lease with Green was "terminated by mutual consent." He said the property remains vacant, although he said he is negotiating with several prospective tenants.

Martin McMahon, an Adams-Morgan resident and chairman of a small businessman's council there, said he was "cheered" at Green's decision to abandon his fish outlet plans. Other community leaders agreed, and said plans are underway to try to locate a drug store - which the neighborhood does not now have - at 1805 Columbia Rd.

Adams-Morgan community groups have actively opposed another business seeking to locate at the same intersection for more than a year.