Police arrested two Chicago men yesterday and charged them with assault with a dangerous weapon after a man was shot twice in the abdomen at 13th and U Streets NW.

The victim, Michael L. Smith, 26, of 4826 Fort Totten Dr. Ne, was taken to Washington Hospital Center, where he was reported in fair condition last night.

Police said one of the suspects was arrested after a chase by Officers Ronald Harvey and Wayne Mullins of the Third Police District.

Harvey was cruising in a patrol car near the intersection when he heard shots about 4:30 p.m. Police said that he left his car and spotted Smith on the ground and a woman pointing to a man, screaming, "There he goes."

Harvey radioed for help, then chased the man to the rear of the 1900 block of 13th Street.

Mullins joined Harvey in the chase and fired a shot at the suspect after the latter made a threatening motion. The shot missed, police added, but the suspect was captured immediately by Harvey and Mullins.

Police said a second suspect was apprehended by Officer William Nealis of the Third District after a brief chase along U Street after the woman witness had pointed him out as a participant in the altercation.

Police were searching last night for the gun believed to have been used in the shooting, which one of the suspects was seen by police to have discarded in the alley.

Crowds of onlookers gathered at the corner of 13th and U Streets, but were reluctant to discuss with reporters what they had seen.

Police identified the two suspects as Sylvester Conn, 43, and Jimmy Edward Armstrong, 28. Officers said that both men are from Chicago.