Eighteen Montgomery County resisents have applied for a position as commissioner on the Suburban Sanitary Commission.

The $8,000 a year part-time job is being vacated by Dean Hill, a Chevy Chase Republican, whose four-year term ends this month.

The position is one of three Montgomery County seats on the Montgomery-Prince George's County sewer commission and can be filled by a Republican, Democrat or Independant. A Republican and a Democrat fill Montgomery County's other two seats.

Hill, who unsuccessfully ran for the county council against Neal Potter the year after she was appointed to the WSSC, said she did not reapply to the commission because she did not think she would get the votes necessary for approval by the all-Democratic county council.

"I'm a political realist. You can't expect a miracle twice," Hill said. She added that she has been an outspoken proponent of County Executive James P. Gleason, who is also a Republican.

The commissioner will be selected some time after next Monday by Gleason, subject to approval by a majority of the county council.

Here is a list of the persons who have applied and biographical information they supplied for records that are on file with the county:

Alex Anderson, 57, of East Deer Park Drive, Gaithersburg. Anderson holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and a master's in business administration. He is a former sales representative.

Richard L. Bogley, 56, Greenly Street, Silver Spring, is a cost analysis supervisor for C&P Telephone Co. who unsuccessfully ran for school board and county council seats.

John T. Cahill, 41, Oakvale Street, Rockville, is operational vice president for Chevy Chase Saving & Loan Co.

Richard K. Cook, 67, Milford Avenue, Silver Spring, a retired engineer and physicist who holds a Phd in physics and a bachelor's degree engineering.

Thomas L. Craven, 34, Harling Lane, Bethesda, an attorney.

Bert Cumby, 16th Street, Silver Spring, is a retired military officer and a consultant. He holds a bachelor's degree political science.

Mirek J. Debrowski, 54, Leland Street, Chevy Chase, is public relations consultant who holds a bachelor's degree in history and government.

Murray L. Deutchman, Rockville, an attorney.

Elaine D. Harmon, 57, Notley Road, Silver Spring, who holds a bachelor's degree in bacteriology and is a real estate appraiser.

Gavin Lawson, Singleton Drive, Bethesda, holds a bachelor's degree in economics and business, a master's degree in management and personel administration and is an employee training specialist.

Bernard T. Lewis, 54, Lincolnshire Drive, Potomac, holds a bachelor's degree in general engineering, master's in mathematics and is a lecturer in business administration at the University of Maryland.

John W. Locke, 44, Neilwood Drive, Rockville, holds a bachelor's degree in engineering and is a technical director of a trade association.

William B. McKinney, 50, Carriage Road, Kensington, executive director of the Montgomery County Revenue Authority, holds a law degree and a bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

Arnold M. Malech, 47, Lamp Post Lane, Potomac, holds a master's degree in public administration and is executive director of the District of Columbia courts.

Michael Meyers, Glenhaven Place, Silver Spring, hold a bachelor's degree in journalism and master's in English and formerly was county elections supervisor.

Richard W. Ogan, 44, Countryside Drive, Silver Spring, holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineer.

S. Richard Walton, Ewing Drive, Bethesda, holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, a master's in materials engineering and is chief of the Chemical and Biological Branch and Joint Air Force/Army Organization.