Because of a typographical error, two of the candidates for a seat on the WSSC were not listed properly in yesterday's Maryland Weekly. They are Rita Morgan of Silver Spring, who holds degrees in journalism and English and formerly worked for the Montgomery County Elections Supervisor, and Michael Meyers, of Silver Spring, a department manager at Montgomery Ward.

Twenty-two persons have filled applications for the seat on the Montgomery County Council that is expected to be vacated by Council member Norman Christeller.

The applicants include Mable Granke, who unsuccessfully ran for the Council in 1974; Sigmund Berkman, husband of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commissioner Vera Berkman, and several persons who have been active in Democratic politics.

The replacement would be chosen by the all-Democratic Council and fill the remainder of Christeller's term which expires at the end of next year.

Although Christeller announced in March that he would resign his $18,000 position, he never set a resignation date and has not yet resigned.

When he made his announcement, Christeller said he would reisgn to accept a high-level management position with the federal government. At the same time, he said that he would not run for county executive next year.

Later, however, the job he had expected to get was designated as a civil service position, not a political appointment, and Christeller's name did not appear on a list of candidates for it.

Christeller said last week that he still intends to leave the Council but he did not give a date for his departure. He still does not plan to run for the job of county executive although friends have asked him to reconsider this decision, he said.

The situation has led to some speculation that Christeller may decide to stay until the end of his term. Some observers point to the long hours he spent working on the school budget and his recent work on employees insurance benefits programs as evidence that Christeller intends to stay. They also note that Christeller has continued his caustic sniping at County Executive James P. Gleason.

But those close to Christeller say he may be immersing himself in his job because he "hasn't got the heart" to look for another, although he does intend to leave.

They speak of phone messages for prospective employers that are left unanswered and Christeller's curt answer, "I'm too busy," when reminded about the calls. Meanwhile, Christeller has been heard to say that he is looking for a job.

Here is a list of persons who have filed for the Christeller seat, should he resign:

Sigmund Berkman, Virgilia St., Chevy Chase, husband of a WSSC commissioner and a former chairman of the county Fiscal Affairs Committee. In a letter to the Council, Berkmman says that if appointed he would refrain from voting on issues related to the WSSC commissioners' salaries or benefits, to avoid a conflict of interest.

Thomas A. Chittenden, Jr., 17414 White Grounds Rd., Boyds.

Delores Bissell, 45, a student, Wootoon Ave., Poolesville.

Sherman L. Cohen, consultant, Bristol Ave., Silver Spring.

Anthony F. Czajkowski, Kentucky Dr., Bethesda, former president of the East Bethesda Citizens Association, president of the Bethesda Coalition, teaches at George Washington University, Agriculture Department and Montgomery College.

Steven Ebbin, Marcliff Rd., Rockville, vice president special projects at OAO Corp. His application was submitted by State Sen. Laurence Levitan.

Leo J. DiGioia, Dairy Rd., Gaithersburg, president of DiGioia Associates, a consulting firm.

H. A. Mike Flanakin, 45, Milford Ave., Silver Spring, a Democrat and assistant precinct chairman.

Mable Granke, Downs Dr., silver Spring, member of the Montgomery County Planning Board, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, coordinator for Legislative District 20 and unsuccessful Council candidate in the 1974 Democratic primary.

Lucille F. Harrigan, 46, Wehawken Rd., Bethesda, secretary of the county Democratic Central Committee, a former precinct chairwoman an former instructor at American University and Montgomery College.

James M. Harvey, 55, Spiceberry Circle, Gaithersburg, president of the Emory Grove Civic Association.

Sally P. Kanchuger, 42, Picasso Lane, Potomac, a member of the board of directors of the county League of Women Voters.

Ralph F. Krause, Garfield St., Bethesda, a research chemist at National Institutes of Health.

Robert K. Leighty, 42, Notley Rd., Silver Spring, management consultant.

John H. MacArthur, Damascus Rd., Gaithersburg, unsuccessful candidate in the 1976 Democratic congressional primary in the 8th Congressional District.

John V. Nehemias, 52, South Chelsea Lane, Bethesda, a physicist who is vice chairman of the county human relations commission.

Ken Nishimoto, Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, member of the Takoma Park City Council.

Bruce Patner, 40, Great Arbor Drive, Potomac, an attorney.

Walter J. Petzold, 43, Chadwick Lane, Rockville, a civil engineer and former precinct chairman and former member of the Democratic Central Committee.

Joel Schor, 40, Miles St., Silver Spring, an agricultural historian who said he had been active in fundraising and vote-soliciting for the Democratic party.

Helen R. Strang, Linden Avenue, Bethesda, vice chairwoman precinct 7-10 and educator.

Nathan L. Wilansky, Sanford Rd., Silver Spring,a consultant.