The Arlington County Board has reappointed school board member Ann Broder to a new four-year term.

Broder, who already has served four years on the five-member school board, was chosen from among 10 candidates seeking appointment to the school board.

"In my view, she was the best qualified candidate," said Arlington County Board Chairman Joseph S. Wholey. "Naturally, with the four years she spent on the board she is much more knowledgable about the school system."

The county board voted 3-2 to appoint Broder to another term. County board members Dorothy Grotos and Walter Frankland voted against her reappointment.

Broder originally had not planned to seek reappointment, saying that "the last couple of years have been very discouraging with unexpected cuts in funding."

"Now I feel encourage. Both the county and the schools are in better economic shape. There are a lot of things we would like to see get done," she added.

Broder said many people, including Wholey, had asked her in recent weeks to serve on the school board again. "Let's say they made me change my mind," Broder said. "Somebody's got to do the job, and I think with my past experience, I have something to bring to the job," she said. "It's been quite awhile since there has been anyone on the school board who has served more than one term."

Grotos had nominated another candidate, Anita Potocki, as a school board member, and Frankland nominated Richard Titus, and Arlington resident who had sought appointment to the school board last year.

"We want to encourage some of the some of the other candidates to become more involved in school affairs, like task forces and special committees, for experience as possible future school board members," Wholey said. "There were a couple of candidates that especially impressed us."

Broder, an Arlington resident 22 years, has two children in the Arlington County school system and two children who have graduated from Arlington schools. She holds bachelors and masters degrees in English literature from the University of Chicago, wrote for Mademoiselle magazine and taught in the U.S. Army's information and education program.

Broder, wife of Washington Post columnist David Broder, serves as school board liaison for the following schoos: Ft. Myer Elementary, George Mason Center, Henry Elementary, Oakridge Elementary, Randolph Elementary, Stratford Junior High and Woodlawn alternative school.