Staff writer Louise A. Reid and staff photographer Linda Wheeler asked persons at bus stops along Pennsylvania Avenue how they feel about the higher fares. Emerson Blue, 19, student, who lives on Van Buren Street NW: "If they want to go up to 50 cents, they should at least have the air conditioning on and be on time and stop being rude to people. It's all right, if they were to do those things. But they should at least be courteous to people." Patricia Conley, 20, a clerk who lives on Stanton Rd., SE: "I don't like it. I wish it would go down. It's not fair to have to pay 50 cents and then to have to stand up. That's the problem I have - standing up on the ride home." Robert Hagood, 53, a bellman who lives on Swan St., NW: "I don't think 50 cents is too bad.I think it's fair." Josipa Macek, 67, retired, resides on Wisconsin Ave., NW: "Everything goes up, but 50 cents, I think it's too much. I was wroking before and I know how my colleagues feel when every day they pay 80 cents. It's too much. But I'm over 65 so I only pay 20 cents as long as I ride between 9:30 and 3:30. I will not go downtown during rush hours. It will be too expensive." Stuart Nash, 15, student, who resides on 44th Steeet NW: "The rate is higher in Virginia and Maryland. They've raised those a lot more. I go to school in Virginia but live in the District. I think they ought to get the government to fund it and make bus rides free in town. That would get more cars off the city streets. But I guess this is all they can do now. They ought to think of something else, though." Tony Player, 24, a worker with a data service company who lives in Northeast: "That's too expensive. Forty cents is moderate. I'd much rather pay 40 cents than 50 cents" Nellena Williams, 31, a clerk who resides onBuena Vista Terrace SE: "It's terrible. I could understand if it was for taking a bus to Maryland, or something. But to pay 50 cents and then not even to transfer is to high."

On July 1 the bus fares will go up to 50 cents during rush hour.