The Prince George's County school board and the county park and planning commission have approved an agreement for dual use of school facilities and unimproved school sites and have developed guidelines for course offerings by both agencies, officials from the two government bodies report

Purpose of the new accord, said officials is to resolve the conflict over the use of public land for recretional purposes and to iron out levels of responsibility in terms of education.

The agreements have been in the planning stages since 1975. Since then there have been public hearings by the school board and the park and planning commission to help the draft the final agreement.

The first part of the agreement allows the park and planning commission to construct recreational facilities at existing schools or unimproved school sites.

Officials give the examples of the recreational wing that the park and planing commission has already attacehd to Deerfield Run Elementary School in Laurel and the lighted athletic complex and tennis court at Mt. Rainier Junior High School. Officials say these facilities and others are available for school use during the school day.

In return, officials say, the Board of Education provides custodial services and pays the utility bills. Any major repairs to the recreational facilities are made by park and planning, according to the officials.

After normal school hours, officials say the park and planning commission has first call on the use of the recreational facilities or areas.

The second part of the agreement defines which courses are recreational and should be offered by the park and planning commission in recreation centers and which courses are to be offered in schools. The agreement will mean that in January of 1978 both agencies will begin dropping courses that are not part of their defined areas.

Officials said a joint committee will be formed to bi-annually look at each agency's course offerings.

The committee of 18 - comprised of nine members of both agencies - will be charged with making recommendations for adding or dropping courses from their curriculums.