A 19-year-old Massachusetts man arrested here Wednesday on a kidnaping charge was turned over yesterday to the custody of a detective from Hollywood, Fla., where he is wanted on a murder charge, D.C. police said.

The man was identified as Paul Stewart Kellogg, of Newburyport, Mass., and was described as AWOL from the Navy.

On Wednesday, police said, Marcio S Riberiro, 31 of Silver Spring, gave a man a ride to Silver Spring from the Greyhound bus station here. When the man said he could not find the person he said he was looking for he asked Ribeiro to take hi m to the bus station. Ribeiro refused at first, police said, but when the man produced a gun, Ribeiro began driving.

At 14th and Montague Streets NW, the man left the car believing the bus station to be nearby. When he realized it was not, the man attempted to re-enter the vehicle as Ribeiro drove off. Police said the man fired three shots at the car, but no injuries were reported. Ribeiro reported the incident to a nearby policeman, and Kellogg was arrested on charges of kidnaping and assault with a dangerous weapon, police said.

They said a check of his finger-prints by the fugitive squad showed that a warrant had been issued in Florida for his arrest on a murder charge.He waived extradition and was turned over to the Florida detective for return there, police said.