In the Democratic primary in the 18th legislative district, ten candidates are running for five nominations to the Virginia House of Delegates. The district includes northern Fairfax County (the area roughly north of Rtes. 50 and 236) and the independent cities of Falls Church and Fairfax.

The candidates are:

Gary Philip Eklund, 31, 7413 Parkwood Ct., Falls Church, is a bookkeeper for a law firm and attended Bethany College. This is his first political race.

He listed his personal legislative objectives in the upcoming session as:

"1. Health insurance plan for cancer victims, so that their families do not go broke while a member dies.

"2. More parks and recreation areas.

"3. Pari-mutuel racing to raise revenue.

"4. A state lottery to raise revenues and lower taxes."

Karetta Browning Hubbard, 32, 2293 Emerald Heights Ct. Reston, received her bachelor of arts degree from George Mason University and describes herself as a politican. This is her first political race.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"Criminal Justice: Review and reform the criminal justice system.

"Government: Adopt the proposed government reorganization plan, establish a workable MBO (management by objective) budgeting system, adopt sunset laws for selected agencies, adopt legislation enabling collective bargaining procedures, with a non-strike provision, for public employees.

"Social Services: Ratify ERA, fund the State Office for Children, expand senior citizen day care and homemaker-home health aide services funded by Title XX, license child care centers and register family day care homes.

"Transportation: Provide funds for the completion of Metrorail, establish a Northern Virginia Transportation Agency, devote more highway funds to maintain existing roads.

"Consumer Affairs: Strengthen the Consumer Protection Act, enact legislation requiring the licensing of auto repair shops and registration of mechanics."

Dorothy S. McDiarmid, 390 Maple Ave., Vienna, received her bachelor of arts in political science at Swarthmore College. She is currently a state legislator and has served seven terms in the Virginia House of Delegates.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"1. Abatement of burdensome and inequitable taxes - tax relief for the elderly and retirees on fixed incomes.

"2.Equality of opportunity for all Virginians in health, housing and education and employment.

"3. Enlightened mental, physical and comprehensive local health care.

"4. Trust in the integrity of government, dedicated to serve people and not vested interests."

Lauretta Newport, 38, is a former congressional assistant and legislative lobbyist. Newport, of 11637 Hunters Green Ct., Reston, attended The American University. She unsuccessfully ran for the 18th district House of Delegates seat in a prior election.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"1. Tax reform - relief for those on fixed incomes.

"2. Consumer concerns - the increase in membership of the State Corporation Commission from three to five.

"3. Home health care for the elderly and those seriously ill.

"4. Use of creative funding methods for the programs for the handicapped."

Kenneth R. Plum, 35, is an administrator in the Fairfax County school system. He received his master's degree from the University of Virginia. He currently resides at 2308 November La., Reston. He was narrowly defeated in the 1973 and 1975 delegate races.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"I support election of five commissioners from regions of the state. There are not sufficient controls over the fuel adjustment clause. I would support a consumers' fund but feel that the Attorney General's office should be more active in consumer affairs. Support ERA. Issues of internal management and administration should be left to the localities. Would support a greater shift of sales tax revenues to localities. Set up a Northern Virginia Highway District. I favor collective bargaining for public employees with a no-strike provision. Adopt policies and practices that conserve energy in the operation of state government. Grant incentives to businesses, industries and individuals that work to save energy."

Richard M. Riemer, 30, 11612 Vantage Hill Rd., Reston, is a city planner. He received his bachelor of science degree in engineering at the University of Connecticut, his master of city planning degree at Georgia Tech and his master of science degree in civil engineering at Georgia Tech. This is his first political race.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"1. Energy Development Plan: Vepco is out of public control. I support passing a Virginia energy development plan, and using the plan as an additional basis for utility regulation.

"2. Virginia Department of Transportation - The T in VDH&T (Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation) is cosmetic.

"3. Direct representation on the Metro Board for Virginia."

Embry Cobb Rucker, 62, 1427 Greenmont Ct., Reston, is a retired priest and is currently a management consultant. He received his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering at Virginia Military Institute. This is his first political race.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"Enactment of major legislative package to foster and promote movement of new industry and business to Virginia, enactment of legislative package which would authorize and direct the institution of zero based budgeting.

"Passage of laws which would require periodic review by each and every agency of the state government every five years.

"Enactment of permanent taxing authority for financing Metro with careful limitations placed upon such financing and allocation of more highway funds to mass transit to alleviate the burden of Metro on local governments in Northern Virginia.

"Enactment of an appropriations bill which would assure that the state will not lose federal funds in areas of health and welfare for lack of ability on part of the Commonwealth to meet matching requirements. Opposition to legislation which will lead to an increae in taxes."

John D. Scalamonti, 36, 11659 Shore Dr., Reston, is an assistant training manager at Gino's Inc. He received his bachelor of arts degree in philosophy and his master of arts in theology at Catholic University. This is his first political race.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"My foremost legislative objective will be to carry out the General Assembly responsbility of legislative oversight, especially with regard to the vast reorganization of state agencies that have been mandated and are yet to be acted upon. Moreover, the General Assembly must ensure that realistic goals for education and social services are written into the mandated plans which must be submitted by states and localities to obtain federal funds. During the remainging 10 months that I will be in the district after the session, I intend to establish a local delegate's office using the $200 per month office expense allotment (among the five Fairfax County delegates there is $10,000 available) plus an increase in salary beginning next year."

Raymond E. Vickery Jr., 35, 2733 Willow Dr., Vienna, is an attorney and currently a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. He receives his bachelor of arts degree from Duke University, he was a Fulbright Scholar at The University of Sri Lanka and he received his bachelor of law degree at Harvard. He was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1973 and 1975.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"1. Establishment of a Department of Natural Resources separate from a Department of Commerce.

"2. Establishment of a residential and small business representative before the State Corporation Commission.

"3. Party identification on the ballot.

"4. Establishment of adequate mental health treatment in correction facilities.

"5. Adequate funding of special education.

"6. Improvement in the budgeting process with tighter controls on spending.

"7. Establishment of an historic and natural heritage conservation program."

Barbara W. Weiss, 46, is a citizen activist. Weiss, of 609 Jerry la., Vienna, received a bachelor of arts degree in modern languages at Westminister College in Pennsylvania and did graduate work at Middlebury College Language Schools and at the University of Virginia. This is her first political race.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"I plan to represent the interests of the people of Fairfax County and the cities of Falls Church and Fairfax as consumers of government. In this sense, I will be a consumer advocate, seeking an equitable return in goods and services for each tax dollar we sent to Richmond. I will advocate a humane concern of government for the needs of the elderly, the health care needs of all the citizens, for employment opportunities for all able-bodied citizens with special emphasis on employment and training opportunities for youth and for the needs of families with young children.

"I will seek to make our tax structure fair and progressive, and will pursue more aggressive tax administration in order to reap all benefits of the taxes alreayd enacted by the General Assembly."