James F. Greene, an engineer at the Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission, is aggravated over the parking situation at the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro. He has not received a parking permit for the garage, and dislikes parking at the Marlboro "memo" to Jack Downs, the county planning director last month to express his feelings about the situation:

"O'Mighty Warrior, who sits on High Council, listen to the wail of Lowly Brave, who has served loyally for over 200 moons.

"Lowly Brave, who has served many chiefs, made moves, won many trophies, has been unjustly.

"Lowly Brave move from banks of Indian Creek down to Western Branch to the Land of the Marlboro's.

"Brave make long journey to keep tepees full to make squaw and children happy, but Mighty Warrior, Lowly Brave's heart is sad.

"Lowly Brave must tether pony far away, must ride prairie schooner back and forth, my bones ache, my spirits are low.

"Many of our tribe must make this extra journey, must leave tepee earlier, and return later.

"Pasture is large, room for many, many more ponies, but the gates are closed.

"O'Mighty Warrior, as the mighty bison protects his herd, protect us from extra journeys.

"Save us from riding worn-out prairie schooner.

"May your voice sound like thunder as you speak out for your people, remove the barriers that split our tribe, bring all of our ponies together, as they have always been."