Fairax County prosecutor Robert F. Horan said in a preliminary court hearing yesterday that Montie Ralph Rissell admitted to police that he murdered 22-year-old Ursuls Miltenberger.

Miss Miltenberger was one of five Northern Virginia women, four of them from western Alexandria, whom Rissell is accused of killing since last August. Horan did not mention the other killings at the hearing.

Rissell's 19-page statement to police about the Miltenberger killing "amply establishes that (Rissell) committed murder, that is first-degree murder," Horan said after General District Court Judge G. William Hammer read the statement. The prosecutor said Rissell, 18, dictated the statement to police on May 17, the day he was charged with Miltenberger's slaying.

After listening to Horan's arguments and testimony about the killing, Hammer ruled that there was probable cause that Rissell committed the murder, and sent the case to a Fairfax Circuit Court grand jury. The jury is scheduled to decide July 18 whether to indict Rissell in the killing.

During the questioning by police, Rissell said, "he did not want to die," testified Investigator Carl F. Pfeiff, who talked to Rissell on May 17 along with an Alexandria police officer.

Under questioning by Rissell's attorney, David C. Rohrenbeck, Pfeiff denied that he or the other officer, John W. Turner of Alexandria, told Rissell they were not concerned if he went to prison and that they only wanted to help him because he was sick.

Pfeiff also testified Rissell said, he did not want an attorney present when he made his statement.

Miss Miltenberger, whose body was found in a field near an exclusive residential area in the Burke area of the county was stabbed 21 times in the chest and abdomen, Horan said.

The prosecutor later said that Rissell told police Miss Miltenberger, a management trainee at the Lincolnia McDonald's a few blocks from Risell's home, picked him up while he was hitch-hiking.

Fairfax Officer G. H. Trouten who went to the field where Miss Miltenberger's body was found about a mile from her car, testifie d he found the woman lying on her back with a gash in her head. He said her ankles were bound and her hands were tied behind her back.

During the testimony, Risell yawned and made notes on pieces of paper in front of him at the defense table. Roehrenbeck did not present any evidence.

Horan said he would not let reporters look at Rissell's statement, even though it had been presented into evidence. He said he will keep the statement as long as he wants.

Rissell was indicted by an Alexandria grand jury on May 20 on four courts of murder, rape and abduction in connection with the deaths of four women who lived near the Holmes Run apartment complex.