Some Takoma Park residents in Prince George's County and a Maryland State policeman said they saw an unidentified flying object resembling a blimp with blinking lights moving through the sky like a "giant jelly fish" Wednesday night, state police report.

"I was parked on U.S. 50, on a median strip, when I saw what looked like a blimp with blinking lights hovering over head," said Maryland State Trooper Gary Cofflin.

Cofflin, who said he "sat contemplating what the heck it could be," admitted he was at first reluctant to report what he saw.

"I felt kind of dumb (when he reported the incident), but if it had been a plane crashing in my area, it would be my tail if I did not report it," Cofflin said.

Cofflin - who said he is now asked by his colleagues about "green, cheese-eating martians" - said the object disappeared in the southern portion of the sky after hovering for approximately five minutes.

For those who speculated that the strange object they may have spotted was just one of the famous Goodyear rubber company blimps passing overhead, they may have to start speculating about some of the cause.

The airship spokesman for that rubber company, Tom Riley, said the Goodyear blimps have not passed over the Washington area since last summer. Riley added that his company was the only one in the United States flying blimps.

The calls, which came in at approximately 9:45 p.m., were checked out with the air control tower at Andrews Air Force Base, police said. An Air Force spokesman yesterday said that nothing was sighted on radar.