Three youths were charged yesterday in connection with a weekend sniper shooting in which vehicles traveling along Interstate 95 in Havre de Grace, Md., were fired upon from an overpass, injuring three persons.

The three youths, who police alleged, fired at cars, trucks, and buses "on some kind of lark," were released in the custody of their parents after they were arrested at their homes yesterday, state police said.

According to police, the youths were responsible for injuring a passenger on a bus traveling from the Bronx in New York to North Carolina. The youths also fired at several cars and a truck carrying cars, police said.

"It was all just for a lark," said police spokesman William Clark. Clark alleged that it was a 15-year-old, whose father was out of town at the time, who did the actual shooting. The other two youths were aged 16 and 17.

Police said the first incident actually occurred on a road about one mile from the interstate at approximately midnight Saturday when the youths allegedly shot a hole through the right hubcap of a car driver by Albert Hart, a dentist, who later reported the incident to police.

The next incident occured when three shots were fired at a bus on the interstate. One shot smashed through a window and struck a passenger in the face, police said.

The injured passenger, Bertha Lowe, 64, was saved from serious injury because the bullet lost velocity and was stopped by her teeth, police said. Two other persons on the bus were injured by shattered glass.