A 5-year-old Oxon Hill boy was attacked by eight Afghan hounds and a Doberman pinscher yesterday after the boy and his 2-year-old brother entered a neighbor's fenced backyard, Prince George's County police reported.

Jeffery Weissence, of 8308 Arden La., was in stable condition at Malcolm Grow Medical Center at Andrews Air Force Base, a hospital spokeman said.

Police said the boy entered the backyard of the neighbor's home at 8316 Gibbons Dr. with his 2-year-old brother Thomas. Police said the dogs attacked and mauled Jeffery but did not harm Thomas.

According to neighbors, the boy's screams alerted a passerby, who called neighbors for help. The neighbors said the passerby used sticks and a wheelbarrow to free the child from the dogs.

Neighbors said the family who owned the dogs had just moved into the neighborhood and that the boys climbed the fence. Police did not identify the dogs' owner.

Police said Jeffery, who had severe lacerations of his scalp and upper torso, was rushed to Malcolm Grow Medical Center at Andrews Air Force base in Camp Springs.

Neighbors speculated that the Afghan hounds and Doberman pinscher, attacked the boy because there were puppies in the yard.