"I thought that if anything happened to my husband - we'd been so close - I thought some ESP would have told me if something had happened to him at that time.

That time was 20 minutes to 3 in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 9, Shirley M. Feigenbaum testified yesterday, and she was being held hostage by Hanafi Muslims at the international headquarters of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish service organization.

With a dozen other persons, she told a D.C. Superior Court jury, she had been taken prisoner in her serventh-floor office. Shortly thereafter, she said, her group was taken to the eighth floor where more than 100 hostages were being held.

Mrs. Feigenbaum's husband also works at B'nai B'rith, and his office is on the fifth floor. When she got to the eighth floor, she said, she began looking for him, she did not find him.

"I looked at my watch at 20 minutes of 3 I had this feeling that if anything happened to him, it happened at that hour.

No, she said in answer to questions, that particular time had no significance in her life except on that day.

"When I saw him Friday morning I was very relieved," she said, and her voice broke.

Friday morning was March 11, and by that time Mrs. Feigenbaum and the others were free after being prisoners of the Hanafi gunmen for 39 hours. Her husband had never been among the hostages.

But it was the looking at her watch in connection with her fear for her husband's safety that enabled Mrs. Feigenbaum to pin dow thetime that she says she heard Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, 55, alleged leader of the take-over, announce that D.C. City Council-man Marions S. Barry had been wounded at the District Building.

She said Khaalis told the assembled hostages of the wounding of Barry shortly after 3 p.m. that Wednesday.

Henry M. Siegel, another B'nai B'rith employee, testified that Khaalis' full message concerning Barry was:

"We're in the District Building, and Marion Barry's been shot, but we missed (City Council members) Arrington Dixon and Nadine Winter."

Later, Siegel said, the hostages were told by Khaalis, "We've taken the Islamic Center and we've got Rauf."

Rauf is Dr.Muhammad A. Rauf, director of the Islamic Center at 2551 Massachusetts Ave.NW.

Thetestimony came at the trial of Khaalis and 11 other Hanafis on charges of murder and kidnapping arising from the taking of 149 hostages at B'nai B'rith, the District Building and the Islamic Center.

All 12 are being tried on these charges in connection with an alleged conspiracy to force officials to turn over to them five Black Muslims convicted of murdering seven members of Khaalis' family in January, 1973.

Maurice Williams, 24, a reporter for radio station WHUR, was killed at the District Building. Besides Barry, several persons were injured at the District Building and at the other two locations.

Most of yesterday's testimony was similar to that given earlier in the trial, which began May 31. Witnesses told of seeing other hostages slashed or beaten. They said Khaalis has proclaim that he and his followers were embarked on a "holy war" and that Jews were responsible for the failure to punish the murderers of his family in keeping with this ideas of justice.

The five who have been convicted of the slayingsare serving multiple life sentences and cannot be considered for parole until they have spent 99 years in prison. A sixth suspect is awaiting trial.

Bernard Simon, who said he has worked at B'nai B'rith for 30 years, quoted Khaalis as saying that "the rabbis have misinterpreted the Torah and this has resulted in Jews supporting the Black Muslim movement."

According to Simon, Khaalis spoke in terms of a "holy war" even when it came to providing water for the B'nai B'rith prisoners. He quoted Khaalis as saying: "I go by the book, and the book says give them water even when you are in battle and are about to slay your enemy. When he asks for water, give it to him."

Siegel, who was released on the second day of the siege because of a heart condition, quoted Khaalis as telling him: "Don't die on me. A heart attack is a dirty way to die. Let me cut your head off. You won't feel a thing."

The witnesses testified that there were repeated threats from the Hanafis they they would be beheaded unless their demands were met.

Mrs. Feigenbaum was asked to pin down the time the hostages first learned of the events at the District Building and the Islamic Center by John Treanor, attorney for Abdul Razzaq, 23, also known as Nelson McQueen Jr. and Norman Lee.

Although defense attorneys have not disclosed their strategy, it appears they are trying to lay the groundwork for an attack on the prosecution's conspiracy charges by establishing the precise times at whichthe B'nai B'rith hostages and their captors learned of the other sieges.