Louis Johnson informs me that he tried to rent an apartment at the Beacon Hill APartments, but was turned down.

Louis says he was turned down because he didn't have a credit rating. He didn't have a credit rating because he pays cash for most of his purchases. He says, "I told the manager I don't owe anybody, but I was refused because I wasn't in debt."

Let's face facts, Louis. We now live in a society that seldom deals in cash when more than $10 is involved. To survive, we must learn to conform.

Even I have finally knuckled under. I now carry Bank Americard and Master Charge, which cost me nothing, and use them just often enough to let the computer know that I'm still alive. When I remember to pay the bills on time, there's no interest charge and the whole thing is practically painless. Try it, Louis.

Unfortunately, our modern credit apparatus is expensive, and we consumers end up paying for it in the form of higher prices - whether or not we use the credit.

There have been a few minor attempts to reward cash buyers, but they have been dreadfully slow in developing. Pity.