The conflict between officials of Annandale Little League Baseball and Kathryn Finley over her son's participation in the league next year has been resolved. Her son, 11-year-old David La Croix, will stay in the minors with his teammates.

By canceling last Thursday night's hearing on the matter where Finley was scheduled to present her case, the league's board of directors, in effect, dropped the issue.

Finley's son was threatened with explusion from the league for refusing to report in mid-season to a losing major league team from a minor league team on which he has been the star.

According to the Little League manual, players who decline to move up are subject to suspension. In David's case, Annandale officials tried to work out a compromise which would let him continue playing with his minor league team this season but would bar him from playing major league ball next year.

The dispute was reported on a television newscast last Wednesday night. Afterward, said a jubilant Finley. Arnold Abriss, the league President, called to say, "Call 'em off, we'll let David do whatever he wants."

"He said he didn't like the adverse publicity the situation was receiving, and that the board would rescind in writing, their earlier decision not to let David play in the majors next year," Finley added.

"We conceded because everybody was drawing up sides and we don't want a fight. We're trying to run this league as best we can within the guidelines set down by Williamsport," Abriss said.