For a different perspective on the District, staff writer Maggie Locke and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to the Washington Monument and the Mall to ask tourists what they liked least, and most, about the nation's capital.

Mrs. J.F. Brogdon, a housewife from Independence, Mo: "The worst thing about this place is that it's impossible to park.To me, Washington is exciting, each time I come. And this is my fourth time here."

Mrs. George Cameron, a store clerk from Anaheim, Calif.: "The parking spots are awfully well hidden. You have to look forever. The museums, though, are fantastic. You can get a whole edcuation just walking through them."

Bill Chavez, an engineering student in Kalamazoo, Mich.: "It's so hard finding parking. But I think Washington is a beautiful city to visit. Since all the museums and so many places are free to visit, it makes it great for tourists."

Elaine Cook, a secretary from Waynesboro, Pa.: "I feel afraid here a lot of the time, after hearing about all the muggings and stuff that happens here. To me, this is a big city. I get carried away just looking at all the tall buildings and the different kinds of people."

Mike Cunningham, a college student in Athens, Tenn.: "There are no parking places in this city. I find this a nice looking city, and it's a real treat to finally see all the things I've heard about for so long."

Ralph Muszynski, an insurance agent from South Bend, Ind.: "You have to wait too long to see anything, you just can't get away from those lines of people. It's a surprisingly clean city, and very well organized for sightseeing."

Evie Rader, a florist from Stuart, Fla.: "There's no place to park in the city. On the other hand, everything is very available, once you get here. The courtesy shown by people working in the public buildings makes it a pleasure to visit."