Del. George Joseph Santoni, (D-Baltimore) was sentenced here today to five years in prison after being found guilty of extortion on May 5.

John (Jake) Konstantine Jakubik, a Baltimore city maintenance foreman and Santoni's accomplice in a scheme to extort kickbacks from companies seeking municipal contracts, was sentenced to an 18-month jail term.

Judge Edward S. Northrop, chief judge of U.S. District Court, told the men, "People in a democratic society are welcome to responsible, decent and honest representation. They impose upon you that trust."

Northrop said Maryland has a national reputation for corruption and added, "unfortunately this is not a new thing."

Santoni, 38, was found guilty of four counts of extortion last month. Jakubik, 57, was convicted on one count. Federal officials charged Santoni with demanding kickbacks from a dummy FBI firm which had been set up to investigate suspected criminal activity in the city's municipal contracting process. Jakubik was found guilty of helping him.

Santoni, a first term delegate to the General Assembly from east Baltimore, was convicted of extorting $14,600 from the dummy firm, called Municipal Chemical Corp. He must vacate his delegate seat unless his conviction is overturned on appeal.

Jakubik, who has a ninth grade education, has been suspended from his job and will not be dismissed because he has been sentenced.