Washington: Today-Mostly sunny, highs in mid to upper 80s, low in 50s. Chance of rain is 10 per cent through tonight. Tuesday - Partly cloudy, high in low to mid 80s.

Maryland Virginia: Today - Mostly sunny, highs in 80s, low in 50s.Tuesday - Partly cloudy, high near 80.

Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay: Today - Fair skies with westerly winds of up to 15 knots and good to night.

Extended Area Outlook: For Wednesday through Friday-Fair skies through period with highs in 80s and lows in upper 50s and 60s. Washington's normal temperature range for this time of year is from 86 to 66.

West Virginia: Today - Partly cloudy with chance of rain, highs in 70s to low 80s, low in mid 40s and 50s. Tuesday- Partly cloudy with chance of rain, highs in 70s.

Atlantic Ocean Beaches from Cape Cape May through Maryland: Today - Monday sunny, highs in 80s. Tuesday - Partly cloudy, highs in 70s to near 80. Water temperatures should range from low 60s north to mid 60s south both days.

Atlantic Ocean Beaches from Cape Hatteras through Virginia: Today - Mostly sunny, highs in 80s. Tuesday - Partly cloudy, high near 80. Water temperatures should range from upper 60s north to upper 70s south both days.

The National Weather Forecast for Today - Showers and thunderstorms will extend from the south half of the Atlantic Coast, across the Tennessee Vailey and north portions of the Gulf states through the entire Missouri Valley.These showers and thunderstorms will reach across the central Plains over the north half of the Rockies into east portions of the northern intermountain region. Showers will also extend from New England into the lower Great Lakes. Temperatures will be seasonable over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley across the north half of the Rockies to the Pacific Coast. It will be warn or hot over the remainder of the nation with 100-degreeafternoon temperatures scattered from west Texas into southeast California.

ALMANAC DATA for June 20, 1977. Sun rises 5:43 a.m., sets 8:36 p.m.; moon rises 9:23 a.m. sets 11:06. Tides: High 11:06 a.m. and 11:37 p.m., low 5:40 a.m. and 6:12 p.m. High and low tides at the following locations can be obtained by subtracting the hours indicated from the tides above. Annapolis (3 1/2); Bloody Point Lighthouse (4 1/2); Deale, Md (4 1/2); Colonial Beach (6); Norfolk (1 1/2); Virginia Beach (1); Solomons Island (6 1/2); Point Lookout (7).

The Council of Governments' Air Quality Index for yesterday showed the high reading in the Washington area during the 1 p.m. period was 31 for the pollutant, photo-chemical oxidants Index values between 25 and 49 indicate fair air quality. When the index exceeds 100 the air becomes hazardous and persons with lung, heart and eye problems should restrict their activity. The forecast for today indicates the air quality will deteriorate slightly.

The National Weather Service forecasts that the Potomac River stage at Little Falls lwill remain near 3.2 feet today. Local Temps Humidity(TABLE) LTime(COLUMN)T.(COLUMN)H 12 mid.(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)76 1 a.m.(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)76 2 a.m.(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)82 3 a.m.(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)79 4 a.m.(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)79 5 a.m.(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)85 6 a.m.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)87 7 a.m.(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)79 8 a.m.(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)69 9 a.m.(COLUMN)81(COLUMN)63 10 a.m.(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)57 11 a.m.(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)55 12 noon (COLUMN)87(COLUMN)50 1 p.m.(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)45 2 p.m.(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)44 3 p.m.(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)41 4 p.m.(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)40 5 p.m.(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)40 6 p.m.(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)38(END TABLE)Temperatures ending 8 a.m. (EDT) Yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)H(COLUMN)L Alb any(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)69 Albuquerque(COLUMN)95(COLUMN)64 Amarillo(COLUMN)96(COLUMN)74 Anchorages(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)49 Asheville(COLUMN)82(COLUMN)86 64 Atlanta(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)69 Atlanticity(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)67 Austin(COLUMN)93(COLUMN)74 Baltimore(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)70 Billings(COLUMN)79(COLUMN)50 Birmington(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)68 Bismarck(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)50 Boise(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)60 Boston(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)57 Brownsville(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)76 Buffalo(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)63 Burlington, Vt.(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)66 Casper(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)45 Charleston, SC(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)76 Charl'tsn,WVa(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)66 Charlotte, NC(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)70 Cheyenne(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)51 Chicago(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)63 Cincinnati(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)62 Cleveland(COLUMN)85(COLUMN)55 Colmbia, SC(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)69 Columbus,O(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)61 Dal-Ft. Worth(COLUMN)97(COLUMN)74 Dayton(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)60 Denver(COLUMN)79(COLUMN)58 Des Moines(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)59 Detroit(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)60 Duluth(COLUMN)71(COLUMN)52 El Paso(COLUMN)106(COLUMN)65 Fairsbanks(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)49 Fargo(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)50 Flagstaff(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)35 Great Falls(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)47 Hartford 87(COLUMN)68 Helena(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)49 Honolulu(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)75 Houston(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)78 Indianapolis(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)60 Jackson, Miss(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)72 Jacksonville(COLUMN)95(COLUMN)71 Juneau(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)50 Kansas City(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)64 Las Vegas(COLUMN)101(COLUMN)72 Little Rock(COLUMN)94(COLUMN)71 Los Angeles(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)61 Louisville(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)67 Memphis(COLUMN)93(COLUMN)72 Miami Beach(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)80 Midland(COLUMN)106(COLUMN)73 Milwaukee(COLUMN) 80(COLUMN)58 Mpls. St. Paul(COLUMN) 77(COLUMN)56 Nashville(COLUMN) 92(COLUMN)70 New Orleans(COLUMN) 92(COLUMN)75 New York(COLUMN) 86(COLUMN)74 Norfolk(COLUMN) 93(COLUMN)72 North Platte(COLUMN) 76(COLUMN)54 Oklahoma City(COLUMN) 93(COLUMN)76 Omaa(COLUMN) 80(COLUMN)60 Orlando(COLUMN) 96(COLUMN)73 Philadelphia(COLUMN) 86(COLUMN)70 Phoenix(COLUMN)106(COLUMN)75 Pittsburgh(COLUMN) 80(COLUMN)62 Portland, Me.(COLUMN) 77(COLUMN)50 Portland, Ore.(COLUMN) 73(COLUMN)51 Providence(COLUMN) 84(COLUMN)63 Raleigh(COLUMN) 89(COLUMN)69 Rapid City(COLUMN) 73(COLUMN)46 Reno(COLUMN) 81(COLUMN)52 Richmond(COLUMN) 94(COLUMN)69 St. Louis(COLUMN) 87(COLUMN)80 St. Prbg-Tampa(COLUMN) 91(COLUMN)74 Salt Lake City(COLUMN) 86(COLUMN)59 San Antonio(COLUMN) 92(COLUMN)77 San Diego(COLUMN) 70(COLUMN)62 San Francisco(COLUMN) 59(COLUMN)50 San Juan, P. R.(COLUMN) 88(COLUMN)79 St. Ste. Marie(COLUMN) 63(COLUMN)51 Seattle(COLUMN) 71(COLUMN)54 Shreveport(COLUMN) 91(COLUMN)71 Sioux Falls(COLUMN) 79(COLUMN)56 Spokane(COLUMN) 88(COLUMN)57 Syracuse(COLUMN) 72(COLUMN)60 Topake(COLUMN) 81(COLUMN)65 Tucson(COLUMN)104(COLUMN)73 Tulsa(COLUMN) 95(COLUMN)78 Washington(COLUMN) 89(COLUMN)72 Wichita(COLUMN) 67(COLUMN)70(END TABLE) Temperatures Abroad Yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)Time(COLUMN)T. Aberdeen(COLUMN)drizzle(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)48 Amsterdam(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)55 Ankara(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)77 Athens(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)86 Auckland(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)midnight(COLUMN)52 Berlin(COLUMN) rain(COLUMN)70 Birmingham(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)52 Brussels(COLUMN) rain(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)57 Cairo(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)88 Casablanca(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) noon(COLUMN)70 Copenhagen(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)70 Dublin(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)55 Geneva(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)72 Hong Kong(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)84 isbon(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) noon(COLUMN)66 London(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)54 Madrid(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)68 Malta(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)(COLUMN)1 p.m. 81 Manila(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Moscow(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)70 New Delhi(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)5 p.m.(COLUMN)99 Nice(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)72 Oslo(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)77 Paris(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)57 Peking(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Rome(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)79 Saigon(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Sofia(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Stockholm(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)75 Sydney(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)10 p.m.(COLUMN)59 Tel Aviv(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 2 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Tokyo(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)9 p.m.(COLUMN)63 Tunis(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)82 Vienna(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)70 Warsaw(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)77(END TABLE) Temperatures (Western Hemisphere)(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)High(COLUMN)Low Acapulco(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)90(COLUMN)78 Barbados(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)76 Bermuda(COLUMN) haze(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)79 Bogota(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)46 Calgary(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)52 Culliacan(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)95(COLUMN)78 Edmonton(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)50 Havana(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)72 Kingston(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)83 Montego Bay(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)90(COLUMN)77 Mexico City(COLUMN) haze(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)57 Monterrey(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)96(COLUMN)71 Montreal(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)55 Nassau(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)75 Ottawa(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)57 Regina(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)43 St. Kitts(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)79 Toronto(COLUMN) clear(COLUMN)81(COLUMN)59 Vancouver(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)55 Veracruz(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)77 Winnipeg(COLUMN) cloudy(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)52(END TABLE)