Georgetown hairdresser Raymond Louis Urgo was driving up to his Arlington Towers apartment with two women last Jan. 8 when he was stopped by a police officer on duty at a fire in the apartment building, the officer testified in court yesterday.

Instead of ticketing Urgo for driving across a fire line and for having an expired inspection sticker, Arlington police officer Michael J. Dwyer testified that he gave him a warning.

"He thanked me and said it wasn't his day," Dwyer testified yesterday. Urgo told Dwyer, according to testimony, that Urgo had just lost his job and his relatives, for whom he worked, treated him unfairly. "Maybe his luck was changing," since he did not get a ticket, Dwyer testified Urgo told him. "He seemed kind of down.

Less than three hours later Dwyer and Urgo met again, Dwyer testified. This time it was in Urgo's apartment where one of the women Dwyer had seen earlier inUrgo's car had been shot to death through the mouth with a .357 magnum revolver.

Urgo told Dwyer he had accidentially shot her while he and an other women "were having a party where they were all participating in a number of sexual acts," Dwyer testified. "At the culmination," of the acts Urgo showed the woman the gun "and it went off," Dwyer testified yesterday during the second day of a trial in Arlington Circuit Court where Urgo is charged with the murder of Ellen Dana Kisacky, 25, of Landover. Urgo also is charged with using a weapon during the commission of a felony.

Dwyer testified that he was called to Urgo's apartment at about 9:30, after Urgo notified police.

"Not you again" Dwyer testified Urgo said when Dwyer appeared at the apartment. Urgo was clad in a pair of jeans, Dwyer said. he "seemed collected, very reserved. I did not detect any signs of remorse other than (Urgo saying) it was an accident, he loved her (Kisacky) and it never should have happened," Dwyer testified.

In court yesterday, prosecutors showed juriors color photos taken the night of the killing. The pictures showed Miss Kisacky's nude body lying in a blood-soaked bed with blood streaming from both corners of her mouth. Urgo turned away his head as his attorneys reviewed the photos.

Officer Norman E. Tyler testified that he found hollow-point shells for a .357 magnum revolver in Urgo's bedroom closed within plan view. Four shells were left in the revolver found lying on the bedroom floor and one had been fired. Tyler testified.