Open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the same menu and the same prices in effect all day. Special breakfast menu offered on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Accessible by wheelchair. No reservations taken. Bankamericard and Master Charge accepted.

Where do you go for dinner when you have four people to feed and each of them on a different diet?

My husband is a diabetic, I'm on a low cholesterol, one son is struggling to put on a few extra pounds.

Certainly one of the steak and potato houses was out. A cafeteria?Too tempting a display of desserts. Chinese food? Not enough protein. Italian food? Well, really!

We finally settled on Tom Weston's a family restaurant in the heart of Annandale. My husband had lunched there and was sure we'd like it. In the heart of a commercial neighborhood the exterior is undistinguished with a solid brick facade and an unpaved parking lot.

On the inside, however, you're welcomed by a cheerful, beautifully lighted dining room a blend of mouth-watering fragrances and inviting sound of pleasant table conversation with soft music in the background.

Large, graceful plants line the wondow sills, several huge aquariums are placed strategically around the room, and a large neighborhood sports trophy gives evidence of the owner's interest in community affairs.

The tables are a little close together, but depending on your outlook, you can call the result either charming and intimate or crowded and claustrophobic. We called it intimate and sat down to the business of ordering dinner.

A wide selection of entrees was offered including beef brochette on rice for $5.60, veal parmigiana for $3.65, crab imperial, $7.15, and beef liver for $3.15. A potato, vegetable and steaming hot rolls are served with most of the selections.

Several appetizers were also on the menu, and our thin son ordered a cup of clam chowder, at 85 cents, which he reported as rich and delicious. He also ordered a 12-ounce rib eye steak, $6.30, with home fries and an enormous bowl of crisp onion rings - enough to add a few extra pounds to anyone.

Our other son ordered an appetizer of broiled mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat for $2.45. There went the diet, I thought at first. He retrieved himself, however, by deciding on the broiled red snapper with pickled beets and a salad, $4.95, and skipped the hot rolls and butter entirely. The mushrooms were superby flavored and the stuffing was all crab, with no starchy filler. In fact he entire dinner was as filling yet as low in calories as the most stringent dieter could demand.

I chose the hot spiced shrimp served on a bed of lettuce with a marvelous cocktail sauce, $5.40 and was pleased with my selection, particularly with a generous portion of green beans on the side and practically no cholesterol at all.

My husband decided on the crabmeat neuberg, at $5.75, with home fries and a salad.

The salads for my husband and son were large, almost meals in themselves, and my husband had a large glass of beer for 65 cents.

Our sons each had Almaden wine at 65 cents a glass but the diabetic held out against the sugar content, and he and I each had a glass of iced tea.

One of the pluses was our waitresses, a joyful, patient woman who knew her business well, served us promptly, with no mistakes, and seemed to be having fun.

On a whole, we felt satisfied with our dinner out. Not only were the servings unusually generous, from the chowder through the wine, but no one went off his diet in the process. In fact, we had so much to eat we didn't even think about dessert - another hurdle avoided, at least for three of us. The bill, including tax, came to $30.69 plus tip.

Tom Weston's Restaurant, 7250 Columbia Pike, Annandale, Va. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the same prices in effect all day. Special breakfast menu offered on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Accessible by wheelchair. No reservations taken.Bankamericard and Master Charge accepted. phone 750-1413.