A decision last week by a D.C. Superior Court judge upholding Washington's ordinance limiting commuter-parking in residential neighborhoods and city officials' decision to quickly expand the program means that Virginia commuters may find some areas where they previously parked off limits beginning Aug. 1.

Judge William E. Stewart Jr. ruled last week that the ordinance does not discriminate unconstitutionally against commuters. The D.C. ordinance limits weekday parking by non-residents to two hours between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. in neighborhoods where it is implemented.

The ruling was one in a series of conflicting ruleings on similar ordinances in jurisdictions around the United States. A Montgomery County judge and the Virginia State Supreme Court have both found such parking restrictions unconstitutional.

Prohibitions on all-day commuter parking will be extended to Georgetown, Burleith, Glover Park and Foxhall Village on Aug. 1. Also during August, the program will be extended to one additional block in the Gateway area, 20 in Friendship Heights and 13 in the Walter Reed area.

On Aug. 22, the parking prohibitions will be extended to the Sheridan-Kalorama area; on Sept. 12 to Foggy Bottom, and on Oct. 3 to Capitol Hill.

Parking will be limited on the following streets under that schedule: