A 23-year-old Alexandria woman testified in Alexandria Circuit Court yesterday that an off-duty D.C. policeman dragged her by the hair into a wooded area near her apartment and raped her last Dec. 8.

The policeman, William A. Konek, 27, maintains that the woman consented to have sex with him and only claimed she had been raped after she became angry with him, Konek's attorney, Louis Koutoulakos, told the jury in an opening statement.

Konek, a policeman since 1971, turned himself in to Alexandria police after he learned that a warrant for his arrest had been issued. He has been suspended from the D.C. force without pay pending disposition of the rape charge against him.

As the prosecution began presenting its case yesterday, the woman testified that she was returning to her apartment after visiting two Georgetown clubs when "I heard footsteps. I was grabbed" in the apartment parking lot.

"I started screaming," she testified. "I was screaming as loud as I could. We got into a tussle . . . I was somehow knocked to the ground.

"He kepy trying to grab me. Then he smacked me in the mouth and told me to shut up . . ." she told the jury.

She said her assailant then dragged her by her hair about 150 feet into the woods and raped her.

Konek sat quietly in the courtroom as the woman testified.

Assistant Alexandria Commonwealth's Attorney John Kloch showed the jurors pictures of the woman with both knees scraped raw, a cut and bruise on her forehead and a spot on her head where hair came out while she allegedly was dragged by her assailant.

The trial will continue today, with presentation of more prosecution evidence.