Gov. Mills E. Godwin last week promoted the state's upcoming $125 million bond issue while addressing a fund-raising luncheon at the Fairfax Country Club.

About 100 persons heard the governor's remarks and raised $44,500 to help build a $105,000 therapeutic swimming pool at the Northern Virginia Training Center for the Mentally Retarded on Braddock Road southeast of Fairfax City.

Godwin cited contributors to the pool fund by saying that voluntary contributions are "something each of us can do to keep the cost of government within reasonable bounds." He then described new state facilities that will be funded if voters approve the bond issue on Nov. 8.

He noted that two more treatment centers for the mentally retarded are part of the bond issue package "that includes buildings at our colleges and community colleges, including a new academic building at George Mason and Northern Virginia Community College . . . " The new centers are planned for Fredericksburg and Harrisonburg.

The bond issue also would allow Virginia to open more parks, treatment centers for juvenile offenders, a new institution for the mentally ill in Staunton that would free older facilities for a correctional institution, and new facilities at the ports of Hampton Roads, Godwin said.