A 49-year-old Clinton man pulled the pin on a tear gas grenade and threw it at a policeman Tuesday and after the man went to the Clinton police station [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] police officers who tried to arrest him.

The man and his son, who police would not identify, came to the station and confronted the desk clerk, according to police, who said the man apparently was intoxicated.

Police said the man began yelling and complained about a problem with his neighbor.

The suspect attracted the attention of an officer who noticed that the man was carrying a grenade, police said. The officer was unable to disarm the man who threatened to take the clerk hostage but apparently changed his mind and went to the parking lot, police said.

Confronted there by several officers, the man threw the grenade at one officer, relasing tear gas in the area, police said. When police moved in, the suspect's son joined him in a struggle with police, they said.

Police said they arrested the pair and charged the man with three counts of false imprisonment, three counts of common law assault, carrying a dangerous and deadly weapon, resisting arrest, possesion and discharge of fireworks and destruction of county [WORD ILLEGIBLE] he allegedly pulled a sink off a wall [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] god with interfering with an ar- [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] officer, police said.