Mayor Walter E. Washington acted last week on the following bills that previously had been passed by the City Council. Following action by the mayor, the bills must undergo a 30-day congressional review period before becoming law.

The mayor approved a bill that disallows deductions from D.C. income tax of the amount of money paid annually for motor vehicle registration and deed recordation fees. Those deductions are currently not allowed for federal income taxes.

The same bill also includes permanent legislation changing the schedule for payments to the city from the insurance companies of a 5 per cent tax on policy and membership fees.

Previously, the payments were dued on March 1 of the year followinf collection. Under the new legislation, the payments will be due in May, June and September of the year in which the money is collected. The altered payments schedule is effective this year because of legislation previously passed on an emergency basis. It applies only to companies with annual tax liabilities of $2,000 or more.

The mayor allowed to become law without signing a bill that gives Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to appoint interim replacements to fill ANC vacancies. Previously, such vacancies could not be filled until the next regularly scheduled biennel ANC election. Under the new bill, the ANC's will be allowed to appoint an interim replacement who can serve until the election is held.