Seven new members were elected to the board of directors of the Near Northeast Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) Saturday.

More than 230 residents cast ballots in the area-side election held to choose community representatives on the governing board of the anti-poverty program agency serving the Near Northeast.

CIC provides services for 84,000 residents, serving [WORD ILLEGIBLE] census tracts in which there is the highest incidence of poverty in the city, said Idus Holmes, executive director of the agency.

Holmes said he was pleased with the number of people who voted.

"It was an impressive turnout, considering it was a neighborhood election," Holmes said.

There were 13 vacancies on the CIC board, but only eight residents got enough signatures on their petitions to permit them to run for office, said Holmes. Seven of those got enough votes to win a at on the board, he said.

"The remaining vacancies on the board will be led by the board of directors through some kind of appointment process.

"Those who are interested will have to get 25 residents of the area to sign a petition for them." Holmes said.

CIC board members determine how the agency will provide services for the poor and aged in the Near Northeast, according to Holmes.

"The new board members will be installed at our regular board meeting on July 14," Holmes said.

The board members, elected by districts, are:

District 1 - Mamie Staton, a former vice-chairperson of the CIC board and the coordinator of the youth recreation center at the Montana Terrace public housing complex.

District 2 - Nellie Johnson, a nutrition worker for the elderly with South East Neighborhood House.

Districe 3 - Catherine G. Mayo, a member of the CIC board of directors since it was founded. Mayo is a retired D.C. school teacher.

District 4 - Robert Reid, an employee of the U.S. Postal Service and an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner representing 6A04.

District 5 - Jack Sharkey, an economic development specialist and a current member of the CIC board; and Helen Butler, a special assistant to Rep. Shirley Chisholm.

District 6 - Royal Robinson, a retired U.S. Postal Service worker who was active in union affairs and a current member of CIC board of directors.

The board has a total of 29 members, all of whom are elected from the community, said Holmes.