Union printers and pressmen have struck about 30 Washington-area commercial printing plants, including those that produce the weekly AFL-CIO News and many other union as well as trade publications.

About 200 pressmen, members of Local 72 of the International Printing and Graphic Communications Union, struck 22 plants last Friday, according to a spokesman for the plants. More than 100 printers, members of Columbia Typographical Union 101, stopped work at eight establishments yesterday, union officials said.

Contract negotiations broke down and no further talks were scheduled as of late yesterday, according to Virgil Wright, chairman of the joint management bargaining committee and president of the Union Employers Division of the Printing Industry of Metropolitan Washington.

The typographical union has been working without a contract since February and struck over the firms' insistence on a wage increase moratorium for the first year of a proposed three-year contract, according to William Boarman, president of Local 101.

Boarman said Local 101's strike was a selective one, with the eight plants representing roughly half the number of establishments involved in joint bargaining with the union.

Twenty-two of 23 plants that bargain with the pressmen's Local 72, excluding Merkle Press, the largest employer in the group, were struck, according to Wright. Officials of Local 72 were unavailable for comment.