A D.C. police officer was acquitted yesterday of raping an Alexandria woman, but was found guilty of assault and battery by an Alexandria Circuit Court jury. The jury fined the officer, William A. Konek $100.

Konek, 27, a D.C. police officer for six years, testified that he had sexual intercourse with the 23-year-old woman on Dec. 8 but that she initiated it. Konek said the woman hailed his car as she entered the parking lot of her Landmark-area apartment after midnight.

Konek testified that at one point he slapped the woman in the face because she was making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors.

Konek's attorney, Louis Koutoulakos, said in his closing statement that the woman called police after the incident because she was angry that Konek had failed to satisfy her sexually.

The woman testified, however, that she was returning from two Georgetown clubs at about 1 a.m. when a car followed her into her apartment building parking lot.

She testified that she was approaching her apartment building when a man grabbed her from behind, struggled with her and dragged her by the hair into the woods behind her apartment. The man then raped her in the mud, she said. The woman identified Konek in court as her assailant.

Konek, who was off duty at the time, was working as an undercover police officer in the prostitution section.