One of two men found dead along a roadside in St. Mary's County early Saturday in what authorities are calling an execution-style slaying was indentified yesterday by the county's sheriff's department as a Northeast Washington man.

Theodus McNair, 35, whose identification showed his address as his parent's residence at 2018 Franklin St, was found shot to death in a waterfilled ditch on Rte. 249 on St. George's Island in the Potomac River about two and a half miles from the Virginia Shore according to Sheriff Joseph L. Somerville.

McNair was employed by PEPCO according to his father Jonas McNair, who said he hadn't seen his son since "the Sunday before Mother's Day." He said McNair was married, but that he did not know where his daughter-in-law lived.

McNair was arrested in 1961, when he was 18, for stealing $26 from a man's sweater pocket. He was convicted in 1967 for his role in the robbery of a Washington delicatessen owner, Hymon Posin.

Investigators said McNair's wallet was found in his car without money. Authorities are ruling out robbery as a motive since valuable jewelry was found on both victims, Kerry said.

Police found the body of the other man lying in a ditch about 150 feet from McNair. Both men had been shot more than once and both had been shot in the head, police said. There were no signs of a struggle before hand and no clues to a motive.