The Montgomery County Park Department recently released a report on its efforts to rid approximately 200 locations in te park system of gravel shown by Environmental Protection Agency tests to release cancer-causing asbestos fibers into the air.

The Park Department has been replacing or sealing in all stone that came from the Travilah Qyuarry of Rockville Crushed. Stone since the EPA advised the Park Department to stop using the gravel.

Playgrounds and ballfields were the first areas to receive attention, and were posted with signs warning people of the potential hazard. Work crews have been replacing the serpentine based gravel with a limestone product. Some other areas, such as parking spaces, have been covered with asphalt, which acts as a binding agent to prevent the release of the asbestos fibers.

Removal or binding of the potentially hazardous gravel has been completed at the following locations, according to the Parks Department:

Playgrounds - Ayrlawn, Oakmont Ave; Chevy (Cummings), Shepherd St; Kemp Mill Shopping Center Playlot; Little Falls Playot; Quince Orchard Local Park, Suffolk Terrace; Sligo Playlot (Behind Mrs. K's Toll House); Sligo Playlot (north of University Blvd.); Wells Playlot, Rokeby Ave.

Recreation Centers - Bethesda Chevy Chase, Norwood Rd: Clarksburg. Rte. 355; Ednor, Pine Spring Dr.; East Norbeck, Norbeck Road and Bailey's Lane; Garrett Park School. Oxford St.; Ken-Gar Palisades, Rexford Dr.; Kensington Cabin, Kensington Parkway; Lynnbrook, Newdale Rd.; Maplewood-Atla Vista, Balfour Dr.; North Chevy Chase, Jones Bridge Rd.; North Four Corners, Edgewood Ave.; Pilgrim Hills, East Randolph Rd.; Pinecrest, St. Lawrence Dr.; Rock Creek, (Candy Cane City), Meadowbrook Lane: Rosemary Hills, Spencer Rd.; Silver Spring Nolte, Denver Rd.; Sligo Community Building: Spencervile, Good Hope Rd.; Westmoreland Hills, Elliott Dr.; Wheaton Forest, University Blvd.

Foot Paths - Bel Pre Park; Russet Road School Crossing: Tilden Woods; Wheaton Recreation Center.