Calvin Agurs, who was convicted in May in connection with his role in an alleged heroin ring in Washington that grossed more than $20,000 a day, was sentenced yesterday to the maximum prison term of five to 15 years.

Agurs has been described by prosecutors as the ringleader of the highly organized drug conspiracy that distributed brown heroin known as "Mexican mud" along the 14th and U Street NW corridor.

Agur's drug ring allegedly distributed the narcotics there that resulted in the deaths of four persons and the hopitalization of 33 others last November, although he has not been charged in any of those incidents.

Agurs, who also is known as "Sykes," was convicted of conspiracy to distribute heroin after a week-long trial in which the government called numerous past and present drug addicts who allegedly worked for or brought drugs from the ring.

Assistant U.S Attorney Roger Adelman said at trial that Agurs ran the operation from various apartments, and that the narcotics was actually sold to addicts by runners.

Agurs' defense attorney, Kenneth Robinson, contended that the witnesses concocted the conspiracy and blamed Agurs to shift the blame from themselves.

U.S. District Chief Judge William B. Bryant pronounced sentence.