U.S. District Judge June Green denied yesterday a petition for an injunction against the 50-cent rush hour Metrobus fare for District of Columbia riders, and the combined bus-rail Metro fares that have been in effect since the Metro Blue Line opened last Friday.

Judge Green's action came at the conclusion of a two-hour trial on a complaint filed by a number of transit users and eight members of the D.C. City Council.

In that complaint, the plaintiffs alleged that the fare structure, adopted unanimously by the Metro Transit Authority May 19, was improperly approved because an ineligible alternate board member voted for it and because the fare structure had not been presented at a public hearing.

Metro attorney Peter J. Ciano presented witnesses who testified that the adopted fare structure for D.C. bus riders was the same as had been taken to public hearing, and that the adopted rail fares were lower than those proposed at public hearings. The 50-cent rush-hour bus fare is a 10-cent increase for D.C. riders.

Ciano also argued that the D.C. alternate who involved - D.C. Transportation Director Douglas Schneider - was authorized to vote.

Landon Gerald Dowdey, attorney for the plaintiffs, said he would appeal Judge Green's decision.