A local planning organization will hold a public workshop Saturday to gather opinions from Northern Virginia residents on a program expected to affect how they will use Potomac River shoreline and water in the future.

The Northern Virginia workshop, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Planning District Commission (NVPDC), will be held 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Kingman Building at Fort Belvoir.

Public opinion gathered at the workshop will be sent to the Virginia Office of Commerce and Resources, which is developing a managment plan under the federal Coastal ZOne Management Act of 1972.

If the plan meets federal requirements, federal funds will be made available for planning and management activities in Virginia's coastal zone, of which most of Northern Virginia is a part.

"Most peopel are not aware that most northern Virginians live in an area defined as part of Virginia's coastal zone," said Austan Librach, a NVPDC planner. "But they can have a say in how our area should be managed by identifying problems they feel should be addressed the state coastal resources management program."

Among the issues workshop participants will consider are the influence Northern Virginia residents should have in the location of power plants and pipelines, the accountability of public service companies for the impact of their locations and the extent oland use controls in the coastal management program.