Martha C. Brown, the 60-year-old nurse evicted Thursday from the home the city has been trying to buy from her in the O Street Market area Thursday, continued her battle to stay there yesterday amid indications that she owns other property in the city.

A real estate agent who said she recognized Mrs. Brown's picture in The Washington Post yesterday, said Mrs. Brown purchased a house from her one month ago at 407 O St. NW. only four blocks from the eviction scene at 809 O St. NW.

A spokesman at Stan Ridgway Realty in Landover said a Martha Brown purchased the $22,000 house with a $10,000 down payment.

Elizabeth McCalman, an agent for Ridgeway Realty, said yesterday she saw Mrs. Brown's picture in the paper. "That's her picture, no doubt about it," said Mrs. McCalman.

Another Ridgeway spokesman said the Mrs. Brown who bought the 407 O Street house was listed as 60-year-old nurse in her credit application. The Mrs. Brown evicted Thursday told reporters at the scene she is a 60-year-old nurse.

Mrs. Brown denied purchasing the 407 O St. house when asked by The Washington Post yesterday. "Where would I get any money to make that kind of purchase?" she asked. She refused to talk further.

Her eviction Thursday drew abut 100 neighbors and activists from housing organizations in the city who reoccupied the house with Mrs. Brown on after marshals had removed all the furniture.

Shouting, fist-waving activists also drove off a bulldozer operator who came to raze the brick, two-story building. The city is seeking the property part of a redevelopment plan for the O Street Market area near the 7th Street riot corridor.

Organizaers of the protest from the Gray Panthers and Citywide Housing Coalition continued to occupy the house last night after city officials agreed to delay moving them out with police force at least through the weekend.

Mrs. Brown's attorney, former D.C. Superior Court Judge Harry T. Alexander, meanwhile filed motions in U.S. District Court to delay her eviction until July 30 and compel the city to pay her more than the $14,000 it has offered her for the house. Those motions will probably not be acted on until at least Monday.

Protest organizers erected a sign at the eviction site saying "Stop People Removal - Save Our Homes" and characterized Mrs. Brown as a helpless victim of urban renewal with no place to go.

In addition to 407 O St. NW property, 1976 land records show that a Martha Brown and Alfred Brown own another house at 1416 5th St. NW in the same Shaw neighborhood. Mrs. Brown says she has a 55-year-old brother named Alfred.

When a caller telephoned the 5th Street house late yesterday and asked for the Martha Brown who was evicted on O Street, a male voice said, "Oh, she just left. I don't know when she'll be back."

A Martha C. Brown is also listed in 1976 land records as the owner of a house at 509 P St. NW in the same general vicinity as the others.

The Martha Brown who recently bought the 407 O St. NW house from Ridgeway Realty has an unpublished telephone number, according to C & P Telephone Co. information.

Mrs. Brown eviction from the 809 O Street house on Thursday, which otherwise would have been a routine procedure performed by U.S. marshals, drew reporters and television crews after housing activists and other supporters occupied the house shortly after the marshals left.

Mrs. Brown, who says she is a member of both the Gray Panthers and the Citywide Housing Coalition, called for help, and within minutes volunteers from the two organizations started coming to the eviction site.