The George Washington University Medical Centre has acknowledge that it erred when it told District government officials that former Federal City College dean Jeseph Paige was treated at the hospital for neck and back injuries on April 23, 1973, rather than on the following day.

Paige, who served more than 18 months in prison for his part in the misuse of $230,000 in federal funds, filed a disibility claim with the U.S. Department of Labor contending that he was injured during a fall that allegedly occured on April 24, 1973, his last day on the job and the day of his arrest.

District government officials refused to pay Paige $60,000 in back workman's compensation, charging that there were numerous irregularities in his claim.

James Mandish, the city's assistant personnel director who handles such compensation claims, said the discrepancy in dates on hospital records was one of the important irregularities.

When told the hospital had admitted making a clerical error, Mandish said, "that clears that up." However, he said, "there are still several serious questions."

A Labor Department spokesman would only say the case was under investigation.

Paige refused to comment on the case other than to say "I am surprised and shocked that Mayor Washington would support and encourage the things that Mr. James Mandish is doing. I have complete faith in the Department of Labor and feel that in the end justice will triumph."