Katherine Stinson Otero, 86, one of the first women to receive a pilot's license and a member of a family of flight pioneers, died July 3 at her home in Santa Fe, N.M., after a long illness.

Born in Albama, Mrs. Otero in 1912 became the fourth women in the world to receive a pilot's license. In 1913 she and her mother, Emma, founded the Stinson Aircraft Company, which manufacturered planes.

In 1915, the family, which included her brother, Eddie Jr., and her younger sister, Marjorie, who died in 1975, founded a flying school and established Stinson Field, now part of San Antonio Municipal Airport.

In 1918, Mrs. Otero flew airmail routes in the United States and Canada, and that same year set a record for the longest point-to-point flight on an airmail route - a distance of more then 600 miles from Chicago to Binghamton, N.Y., to New York City.

During World War I she offered her serivces as a flier, but was turned down. She subsequently became an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in France.

She is survived by her husband, Miguel, a pilot and former district judge; two nieces, Mrs. Victor Delano of Bethesda and Barbara Erwon of California, and a newphew, Edward A. Stinson III, of West Springfield, Mass.