Staff writer Joann Stevens and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to Capitol Hill to ask District residents their views on the expense and availability of the city's medical services.

Pat Consiglio, 26, student, resident of the 900 block of G Street: "I just asked people and fellow students helped me find a doctor. But medical service is very expensive here. I used doctors in Manhattan when I lived in New York. And the doctors here are more expensive than Manhattan doctors."

Karen Getman, 32, homemaker, lives at3rd Street and Constitution Avenue NE: "Iguess there's adequate medical care. We just moved here, six months ago, from a small town in Massachusetts. I felt the fee for gynecological andpediatric services was expensive. So we joined a group health plan."

John William Jackson, 28, Metro employee, lives on Martin Luther King Avenue SW: "I have a medical card. It came with the job. But we have a family doctor. The same one that brought most of my mother's children into the world."

Emily Joyner, 25, cashier, lives at Alabama Avenue and Knox Place SE: "Sometimes it's difficult finding a doctor who will take Medicaid. Most doctors should advertise whether they accept Medicaid or not. Service is expensive and they don't give you a rate before they examine you. They hit you with the bill afterward."

Diane Parker, 20, a waitress who lives in the 300 block of 5th Street SE: "I go to the military doctor because my stepfather is in the service, I get dental care and everything."

Rosalee Perkins, 58, unemployed resident of 1400 block of I Street SE: "I think there's adequate medical care. I had no trouble finding a doctor. I found one in the phone book and I've been going to him a year."

Linda Wanner, 32, teacher, lives at Independence Avenue and 10th Street SE: "It was easy for me to find adequate medical care because friends recommeded doctors for me and the baby.It's expensive."