Much like two sovereign nations at a summit conference, the Fairfax City and Fairfax County government issued a joint statement Tuesday announcing they had agreed on the general guidelines for renegotiating service contracts between the two jurisdictions.

Representatives from the two governments and their respective staff members decided that fire services, the most critical area to be settled, will be the first contract discussed. Agreements on solid waste disposal, sewer services, libraries, health, miscellaneous services, statutory services and facilities (courts and jails) and schools, will be taken up one by one in that order, the governments said.

Fairfax City Mayor Nathaniel S. Young said he thought the guidelines-setting meeting was productive and amicable. "I think we will make progress," he said expressing the hope that discussions will be completed shortly.

"If we can get it all settled soon, it will be one less thing to fuss about. I'm tired of fussing right news," he said.

Relations between the city and county have been strained since the Board of Supervisors requested that the service contracts be renegotiated. The city reportedly was also piqued by the county's decision to hire professional negotiators for the intergovernment discussions.

Each contract will be discussed and tentatively agreed upon by the respective govering bodies. final approval will be made when all the contracts have been rewritten. The two jurisdictions said the contract discussions would begin within the next few days and that the whole process is expected to be completed by late fall.

Joint press releases will be issued from time to time to report on the ptogress of the negotiations. Tuesday's announcement said.