District schoolchildren, who pay reduced rates for Metrobus rides within the District already, will not be affected by the recent rush-hour bus fare increase in the city and will be able to travel by subway at bargain rates this summer, under a recent Metro board action.

The city will study the subsidized transit program over the summer and by the time school begins this fall.

In the past, District students up to 18 years old have been able to purchase a maximum of 20 bus okens for 10 cents each. The District has been reimbursing the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority 30 cents for each token used. The tokens have been used in the past for non-rush hour travel, and students have been required to pay an additional 15 cents for rush-hour bus service.

Now students can use the 10-cent token for a bus ride at any time, and will not have to pay extra during rush hour. Rush-hour bus fares in the District went from 40 to 50 cents on July 1.

Students can also ride the subway by turning in their bus tokens at Metro-run ticket outlets in exchange for 40 cent farecards. They will have to pay extra for subway rides that cost more than 40 cents.