The D.C. public school system announced last week that children from low-and middle-income families may be legible for free or reduced school lunches and milk under the national school breakfast, lunch and milk program.

In addition children in foster homes, or homes with higher incomes, may meet certain elegibility requirements as well.

High income-families under financial burdens may be eligible if they have unusually high medical expenses, shelter costs exceeding 30 per cent of the family income, high education expenses for the physically or mentally handicapped, or financial losses due to disaster or casualty. Families with foster children may be eligible also.

Application forms are being sent to all area homes an additional forms are available in the principal's office of city schools. All information will remain confidential and be used only to determine program eligibility.

School principals will determine eligibility. However, Families may question unsatisfactory judgements by contacting: the supervisor, State Agency Section, 3535 V Street NE., Washington, D.C. 20018. Or by calling, 576-7404.

For additional information contact Joseph Stewart at 576-7400.

Below is a standardized list of family size and income criteria accepted by the D.C. school system.

The following chart shows family size and income criteria for determining eligibilty for free and reduced price meals in the D.C. public school system. The first column lists number of people in the family. The second column lists income levels below which the eligibility begins. The third column sets the upper level of eligibility. If the family income is between the amounts in columns two and three, their children are eligible for reduced price meals. A reduced price lunch will cost 10 cents and reduced price breakfast five cents.[CHART OMMITTED]