The 100,000 retired civil servants, military personnel or their survivors living here will get a 4.3 per cent raise (before taxes) effective Sept. 1. That increase will show up in checks mailed for early October delivery.

This will be the second cost-of-living raise for government military retirees in 1977. Last March they got a 4.8 per cent raise that was first reflected in April checks.

Active duty federal employees and military personnel are due a 7.1 per cent pay raise effective Oct. 1. But it is set under a complicated catch-up-with-industry formula, and not related to the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

By law, government workers and military personnel get one raise a year, in October. Retirees get two inflation adjustments a year, always effective on March 1 and Sept. 1.

Worldwide, the 4.3 per cent increase will go to almost 1.5 million ex-civilian workers and military people of surviving widows and widowers. The October raise will cost in excess of $30 million a month. It was triggered by the June CPI reading of 181.8 which translates into 4.3 per cent. That amoung is official. It won't go up or down, and the raise is solid.