The Carter administration has approved a $250 million arms deal for Israel, including financing for developent of a new Chariot tank.

Israel's request for new jets and f a new Chariot tank.

Israel's request for new jets and the right to co-produce them however, regains "under active consideration," the State Department said yesterday.

The approved pakcage includes 18 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] attack helicopters tow high speed hydrofoil patrol boats, ammunication and $107 million in easy credits [WORD ILLEGIBLE] manufacture the Chriots in Israel. Letters of notifications are being sent to Capitol Hill.

Under the law, Congress has authority to block any military sale valued $25 million or more.

The announcement follows Prime Minister Menahem Begin's visit here [WORD ILLEGIBLE] talks with President Carter. A department spokesman, John Trattner, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the arms deal was "part of our continuing military supply relationship with Israel" and was not related to the administration's diplomatic efforts in the Middle East.

Begin indicated to reportes Wednesday that the Carter administration had promised announcement of weapons package before the leave the United States for home.

[WORD ILLEGIBLE] indicated Israel eventually would receive the F-16 jet planes initially promised by the Ford White House. The administration is trying to decide whether to allow co-production and how many planes to provide, Trattner said.

Israel also has asked for the right to manufacture compnents of F-15 Eagle fighters. Earlier this week administration is nearing completion of a deal to sell F-15s to Israel. Israel, with three of theonly nation with Eagles in its arsenal.