Ten youths escaped in two separate groups Thursday night from Boys Village, a state-operated facility for juveniles in Cheltenhan, but all were back yesterday, Prince George's County police said they found some yesterday morning and others simply walked back in.

Four residents of the Boys Village section that houses mentally retarded boys walked away from the grounds about 8 p.m. on Thursday, according to one supervisor at the facility.

Shortly before midnight, another six youths escaped from the most secure detention building at the facility by forcing their way through a door what was being opened for one boy who was returning from a bathroom. While trying to prevent the escape, one youth supervisor, Richard Fleet, was hit with a telephone and another, John Brooks, incurred a broken ankle.

The first group of four escapees weas found at a grocery store in Upper Marlboro by state police, who said the youths had stolen a truck.

One of the second group was found hiding in a ditch beside Rte. 301 in Upper Marolboro, while another three were apprehended in the Cheltenham area and the last two returned to Boys Village.

There is one security guard at Boys Village; and he may have been looking for the first group of escapees when the second group broke out, according to a night supervisor.

A state police spokesman said runaway from Boys Village, which has no fence and is surrounded by open fields, conr as often as once a week.

"They usually go home and visit. We find them at their homes or we pick them up along the way," he said.

Assistant Director of State Juvenile Services Ronald Blake denied that the escapee happen that often, saying the previous one was in May.

Supervisors at Boys Village have complained in the last two years of being understaffed and lacking stufficient security. Blake commented that the state has increased staff "as well as we could " and that they have asked for more security.