A weekend camping trip planned by Fairfax County Boy Scout troop resulted in tragedy. Friday when a traffic accident near Berlin, Md. killed the scout leader, a scout and seriously injured two other scouts, Maryland State Police reported.

The driver of a pickup truck carrying the three scouts was 28-year-old scout leader Robert Vandenthuysen, of 1006 Glenmore Rd., who was killed along with 12-year-old Richard Pardo, of 4318 San Marco Dr., police said.

The other Boy Scouts riding in the truck were Robert Michaud, of 1038 Del Rio Dr. and William Bouslog, of 4220 San Marco Dr., who were both 14-years-old.

Michaud was in critical condition yesterday in the burn unit at Baltimore City Hospital and Bouslog was in serious condition at Peninsula Hospital in Salisbury, a hospital spokesman said yesterday.

Police said the traffic accident occurred when the scout leader, who was driving the three scouts to a Salisbury camp site, struck a defect in the road and lost control of the truck.

According to police, the truck slammed into a car and then flipped over and exploded in flames.

Police said the accident occurred as the driver was making a turn on Route 611, four miles east of berlin.

A brother of one of the injured youths said yesterday, in a telephone interview that the scout troop had planned to gather in Salisbury for a weekend campout.

He said the scouts, who all attend Robinson High School in Fairfax County, had planned the trip for several weeks.